Talking It/ Working It Out

It’s been a whirlwind since my last post. I have both exchanged angry and hurtful words with my best friend, and solved a lot of the misunderstandings that had us held at a distance. We chatted until midnight, and I am hoping I was able to patch up some of the damage. Only time will tell.

I bought my House Mom flowers and wrote her and her husband a card.  They have been nothing but amazing to me. Letting me stay and live there rent free. I have moved out the majority of my things today. I have yet to bring over my desk, laptop, and my cat.

I put my notice in at work.  Working retail just is not for me. I am unhappy, I am constantly on the edge. It has been three years there, and while I love the people I work with… I hate the job. I really do.  And, let’s be honest, seeing as this is a personal blog.  The tension working with that one guy has gone up.  I let everything he said go to my head.  And I am and always will be one for over-thinking, and I simply can not take more stress in my life. (can ya tell?)

I am more than excited to live with my boyfriend. I seem to be able to communicate with him just fine. Mostly because he won’t let me get away with an “Everything’s fine.”

I have a full course load lined up for the fall!!!  I could scream I am so excited.

I am looking into becoming a nanny in the fall.  Or working in a daycare.

I am going to church tomorrow. It’s time.

So I leave you with a question for the wee hours of the morning, or whenever you anonymous person might read this,

When is it no longer selfish, and simply healthy, to put your needs first?

Or was I simply raised wrong, and your needs should always come first?


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