Sleepless and Less Stressful

While I do admit, the amount of sleep my boyfriend and I got last night was minimal at best… I am so grateful to be here.  I spent the night chasing my cat off packed up boxes, off the cat carrier she managed to knock over, and scooping her up to shush her incessant yowling.  It’s been a long night, and the day doesn’t offer much relief. My boyfriend and I both have the afternoon shift…

However.  Yesterday after tidying up the kitchen and getting some laundry out of the way. I sat down and read a book.

How often do you sit down?

Are you like me?  In constant need of moving and activity and productivity?  Is that not unhealthy?  The next time I talk myself out of sitting down and relaxing, I need to remember: It is more selfish to push myself into the scraggly ends of exhaustion, than it is to sit down for twenty minutes and prioritize my energy.

Speaking of prioritizing, I need to attempt coaxing my cat into eating again, before I head off to work.

Have a lovely day, and remember to sit down today 😉


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