Resting Up

Tuckered out from keeping us up?

As you might now know, I moved my cat into my new location a couple days ago.  She has proved to be the most evil and troublesome little feline once about 2 am strikes. She has put my boyfriend and I through a second night of terror, right up until 6 am.  We are both running off of fumes of sleep.

Along with preparation for classes in the fall, I am still in the process of unpacking.  I still have my last two weeks to work at my retail job.  So life is still busy.  But what did I expect?  That I would breeze through life now that I am blogging about it?  Not so much.

Anyway, I am using this app called Noom for the Android.  It’s a weight loss coach, because on top of stressing out about regular adult things, I am unhappy with my belly pudge and my lack of cardio.  That combined with my financial stress over forgetting to pack lunches and having to buy them… well it leads to a bunch of un-needed stresses.  All of which are preventable by time management.

The beauty of this app, is that it reminds me to eat, and the food log is easy as pie (mm pie) and it tracks my steps, gives me short articles to read as a I travel to work, and reminds to rest and relax.

 It’s like the perfect nagging mother!

Anyway, to keep this post from being a sales pitch on the Noom app…  I had best find some time to lie down or at least squeak in some yoga before work.

Do you have any relaxation actions that you look forward to during the day/week?

Is it your bubble bath?  Catching a few minutes of the TV show that mellows you out?  Is it the workout that allows you to focus blissfully upon only yourself?  Or is it simply those precious minutes in the morning shower, when you let your mind take a breather before it gets cracking on that to do list that never ends?

Whatever it is, try scheduling in some R&R today!  I know I will!


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