Quitting Never Felt so Good

I have a measly two shifts left at my retail job.  My goodness and did the drama explode there.  I love all of my co-workers except one, and this one… Ooh boy, she gets my blood boiling.

So much so, that I and a couple other employees need to call her in to Human Resources. Not maliciously, and not for lack of reasons.  This woman is blindly and selfishly ambitious, two faced, and in serious need of an attitude adjustment.  Not to be dishonest, I have been rather two faced with her too. Choosing to play nice or play dumb, just to get through the past few months.  Working with this woman has really set me up with some stress and anger.  Between her and the stress and guilt I was slugging through with my best friend…. Well let’s just say I was a ball of tension and pent up angry words.

What are the easiest ways to deal with aggravating employees?

Do you confront them?  Do you talk to the manager?  Do you meet them outside of work, or sometime at work?

Our manager was approached with the situation, and being the merciful and kindhearted man that he is, he said we should work it out among ourselves.  Nothing came of it…

So.  I am off to try my skills with Nannying!  I am to meet the children of my Aunt and Uncle’s neighbor at 11 am tomorrow. I am very excited, though it’s been years since I have babysat, being with children always gets my game ideas and story telling plans rolling.  There are three children all under the age of five.  *deep breath*  It will be a new challenge.

Well, just picture three children hanging around that stroller and it’s accurate.



On another note, my cat was hidden in the walls of the basement for what I think is safe to assume was 12 hours plus.  I finally eeked her out with some tantalizing sounding crunchies.  She is now begging for my attention and clawing the back of my chair.  After an hour and a half of studying, she’s deeming it bed time.  Good night folks, may your cats never hide in your basement walls, and your co-workers be every cheery.


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