Fall, Conference and Homework

Well. Here we are. Days into fall, and my agenda book is screaming assignments, tests and an endless amount of reading at me. I am three days into October, and therefore three days into my most recent Happiness Project #2.

For those of you who haven’t encountered a Happiness Project, or would like to learn more, see my explanation post here: https://learnyourself2012.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/too-good-to-be-true/
Or the expert herself, here: http://happiness-project.com/books/happier-at-home/about-the-book/
Alright, so my Happiness Project is tackling, in order:

  1. Faith – with a focus on my new devotional, trying a new church and finding that missing peace.
  2. Education – identifying distractions, studying better and working out my long term goals step by step.
  3. Family – meaningful correspondence, updating photos, having my letters and gifts out on time.
  4. Friends – enjoying now with them, making time for them, showing appreciation for them.
  5. Financial – focus on debt, taxes, looking at my savings techniques.
  6. Home – what can i do for my man and his mom, settling my routine, keeping it personal.

So that, my friends, explains my lack of presence here on the blog. I do apologize.

Ah. Yes. I made the title like that for a reason! I am overjoyed that fall is here. It means I can wear scarves, plan the Halloween Party and crunch through leaves.

I also attended a Women’s Conference at a church outside of the city. It was an enlightening experience, and not just in a positive way. I was ecstatic to find that I felt a sense of peace as I left the conference,and I held onto that feeling as long as I could. I noticed however, that the guest speaker and I could not have more opposing views. This conflict in opinion made for a rather annoyed experience on my end. The entire day certainly got me thinking, and has prompted my final project for the New Media class that I am in! I could not be more excited. Further more, the Conference pushed through my Happiness Project #2 attempt. A day after the conference, I began to map out the next 6 months, and specifically focus on how I could find that peace I wanted from a relationship with God on my own terms.

Alright, enough about me.

Would you ever consider starting a Happiness Project?

Have you ever put your happiness as a focal point to how you act, what your to do list looks like, or who you choose to contact? Or is making yourself happy tacked on to the tail end of that winding to do list?


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