What I Love vs What I Do

The motivational posters, all in primary colors and littered with inspirational photos and phrases.  You know the ones.  The “You can do anything.” the “Do what you love, love what you do.” posters.  The posters that covered your elementary school walls, the ones you scoffed at in high school, and the ones in your workplace lunch room.

How do we do what we love, and love what we do?  

Are they separate? 

I love writing, reading, dreaming about new room designs, organizing, re-arranging furniture,  talking with friends, watching my cat find the most comfortable way to lie on my lap as I try to keep my legs steady and at the correct angle so that she doesn’t fall off…

But realistically, is there a job career out there, that incorporates all that I love?  Is there a career out there that incorporates all that you love?

 And more to the point, would you be willing to abandon expectation and obligation to chase them?

I don’t think I could look the past me in the eye and say “Yep, I will fearlessly write a book and go to Europe and adventure just like you dreamed I would.”  Because, though these ideas are still on the forefront of my daydreams, and they cause restlessness in me every once and a while, I can’t fearlessly do it.  And unlike the younger me imagined, I can’t just chase these ideas and get them done in one go.

But maybe I can put some extra writing time down, maybe I can put some extra dollars aside, so that after my degree; after my possible college endeavor, I can go out and do what I love.

I guess what I am afraid of, is doing a 9-5 job that I don’t like, and being that friend who has a wonderfully put together house, or that 70 year old who sighs about missing a chance to write a book.  There’s so many options, which way do you pick?

Anyway.  Just to mess up your days a little bit:

Are you doing what you love?

How do you take baby steps to get to your dreams?

I hope there is a bit of sunshine in your day today, and that you have some sparkling little daydreams you’re working to make realities!


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