Face the New Day

Well, with the bad day out of my system, a hot shower and a cup of coffee and 14 cats fed already, I want to wish you all a wonderful and not like yesterday day.

And. Because this song set my morning off right, I figured I would share it.

Now.  Today’s questions get pulled from a class discussion two days ago, but that I am still mulling over:

Are lists productive?  Do they lead to productivity?

Are they inherently hierarchical?  Or can you write a list and not see it based off which is priority?

I am a firm believer in lists; list making is a way of life for me.  If I am not scribbling one down, I am mentally going through them.  Shopping lists, errands, to do, homework, near future, far future, today’s list of things needing doing, the order in which I am to go places… Sound exhausting?  Perhaps, and sometimes it is, but lists calm me down and let me see the whole picture.  Done right, I think lists are the most fundamental tool in anyone’s tool belt!

With that, I must say I agree with Grace and Poise and if you would like her tips on list making, I’d definitely suggest checking them out!  They made my list making heart ever so happy!

Have a fantastic day, stay warm out there folks!


One thought on “Face the New Day

  1. I think lists CAN be great. It can break down all the things you need to do in smaller, more manageable priorities. The trick is to make lists that are achievable!

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