Great News, World!

I have fantastic news, World:

I have. A PLAN. I have a direction, a goal, an ultimate destination! 

While my mind is a roaring waterfall of lists, ideas, plans, wants, needs, tasks and etc, as you all know… I have finally sorted out a commonality!

Organization, design, creativity, re-purposing, thinking outside of the box or at least figuring out what works best inside the box!

And this, dear friends, is what will make me happy. I figured it out! While I am a touch late telling you, and for this I do apologize, it’s been a huge weight off my shoulders.  I hinted at it in my last post here, but this school (QC Design School to be exact) sounds like the neat and aesthetically pleasing little ribbon that will tie up everything that I love and do all into a neat little bowI hope you are having an equally interesting and fulfilling day.

I am working slowly and methodically on a to do list, just like my boyfriend’s mom and I talked about on the way home today.  She’s such a great person to talk to! (I had to add that even though I know she’ll read this.) She’s a pretty saavy blogger herself, check out what she does here at her Mulligan News Site!

Well ladies and gentleman, I will share with you my current desktop background and bid you all a very good night.



One thought on “Great News, World!

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve made your decision. I know it wasn’t easy!! I’m also glad you can talk to me…I’m here for you anytime girl 🙂

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