What’s a Day Off?

I don’t take days off. Not many people do anymore… at least not many people in my generation.  I was talking to a girl in my English class about the weekend: the weekend isn’t the weekend anymore, it’s merely a shift in jobs! From class work to “work work”.

To shift focus, I have been noticing just how much I focus on and look forward to the future. My Dad and I talked about that, and he said that there is a lot of importance on enjoying now.  And that the present shouldn’t be ignored just so one can look forward to what’s next.  Especially since what comes next isn’t always going to live up to that shiny ideal of the future that we have built up in our heads!

My question for the day then is this:

Do you take a day off?  Or are you one of those people that take an hour or more to yourself, sneaking in that self/me-time whenever you can?

I find that I am more inclined to curl up and read before bed, enjoy a quick solo workout or put my headphones in on the bus and get absorbed by the blissful nothing as I go to and from where-ever!

I do hope that you have some time (or a decadent day!) to yourselves this weekend, and that regardless of the weather, you enjoy some self time!

I know I plan to today!!


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