Jar Gifts

I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and everyone has a tutorial for them. (Like J’ai La Vie‘s blog!!!) Jar gifts! I have made two of them so far. One for my friend who’s been feelin’ pretty down lately, and I just finished the one for my boyfriend tonight: a love in a jar!

Here’s what I did!

Happiness in a Jar: 

Nailpolish in her favorite color ($3)

Skittles ($1)

List of Youtube videos that make me laugh ($0)

Vanilla Candle ($0.33)

Mini Stuffed Moose ($5)

Total: (about $9.33)

I had to tie a ribbon around the moose and the jar because the moose was too big. But after stuffing it all in a jar half the size of a mason jar and cut out a circle to put under lid as a label. She loved it! Mostly because the Moose is her collectible item… but I was happy that it cheered her up!

My  boyfriend is so difficult to buy for! I love getting him presents though! His jar ended up having a theme… making it either really corny or special!?

Love in a Jar:

Chocolate Kisses     “because I love to shower you in kisses”     $1.25

Whoopie Cushion    “because you always make me laugh”         $2.00

Swedish Berries     “they’re you’re favorite & you’re mine!”         $1.00

Hockey Pez Dispenser  “because you’re my Stanley cup”           $1.00

Spiderman Bandaids   “because you bring out the inner child for better or worse” $1.25

Date Coupons    “because you’re the best date!”      $0.00

** Date Coupons were easy breezy because Oopsy Daisy has a free printable! I just added my own ideas on the backs of hers!

Total $6.50

For him I put the label on the front of the jar:

“Love in a Jar

I love you because…” 

The possibilities are endless! And I love lists, and there’s something satisfying about squeezing in as many things as you can into a jar!

Aside from that, growing up, doing something for other people always cheered me up. So these little projects were a great pick me up 🙂 And because I’ve been feeling low lately, I am trying a bunch of cheer up techniques: “Happy Yoga“, trying new recipes, taking the dog for long sunny walks, putting together these jars, listening to happy music and watching laugh out loud movies.

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

What would you put in a jar?

Very little room left in there!
Very little room left in there!

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