Job Searching.

Well folks. It has been a long couple months in looking for a summer job. I have thrown resumes around and filled out applications and even gone to an interview for a job I wanted so desperately that the news that I was turned down was beyond sad. However! I have just scheduled an interview at a large chain store and am pretty psyched about it! Want to know why? ZERO Customer Service is involved in this position! I am dancing in my seat!

It might be an hour long busride to get there… but if I get this job I will be immensely pleased!

In other news. My godaughter came by with her Dad and her Dad’s lovely girlfriend. I love seeing them, my god daughter is just cuteness to the max!

I am excited to be out and doing something productive, as I’m already envisioning my life with this new job. I am just going crazy with so much time home and to myself! Yes it was lovely to sleep in but I’m just lonely and bored being home so much! Although… the house has stayed pretty clean with all my time off!

What about you? Are you a full-agenda-junkie like me? Or do you revel in time off and around home?

Well that’s all for me tonight. I am going to grab a book and curl up in the evening sun outside. I’ve even got a Vanilla Coke as my treat! Cheers!


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