The Job Search Continues

My aunt wants to meet up with me on Friday to quote “talk about my career future”. I do have a pretty solid plan for my career future: Three certificates including a Professional Organizing certificate that will prep me for creating my own business, a Home Staging certificate to allow me to join up with a real estate agency, and an Interior Design course to give me credibility and background knowledge.

However! My current job prospects are dismal. I received an email from that place I had a two hour interview at saying that the job position is full and my application is no longer under consideration. So I’ve applied for a student job at the airport and am considering the nanny/childcare path again.

It’s just frustrating to be so proactive and not get any responses!

But anyway, I have a bunch of things this week to look forward to! My 21st birthday on this Thursday. My friends taking me out for ice cream that night. My boyfriend’s mom made an appointment somewhere on Saturday and I am excited to find out what we’re doing. I am looking forward to finding a good summer job and maybe I keep striking out because there is a more amazing job waiting for me to find it!

*feeling hopeful


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