I Have Good News [Followed by a Minor Panic Attack!]

I have come to the conclusion, after a conversation with one of my best friends, that yoga has indeed brought me to a calmer place. I feel internally more peaceful, less bothered by little things and excited to start each new yoga video.

That doesn’t make the slow days and no news from any potential employers any easier. In fact I think I’m going a bit stir crazy. Filling out job profiles on government sites, job search engines and applying directly on companies web pages… I am going to go mad!

But in other news, I am successfully off the coffee band wagon, I am enjoying healthy foods (even craving them!) I’ve taken a multivitamin and extra vitamin D, B6 &B12 daily, and have done yoga and/or taken the dog for a mile walk for the past couple weeks.

So all around, this “break” from full time work is giving me some wonderful time to spend on my health and on myself! There’s the positivity, and I will leave it at that. I won’t even add a “but…” at the end of that!

Well readers, any tips for a student going crazy trying to find work?


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