Things About Me.

I love self help books. I focus more on the future than on the present. I can go from calm to stressed about every aspect of my life in a breath. I am overly analytic, easily guilt tripped and I love my family. I love the family that has grown and includes people who are family in a different sense than relatives. My family tree envelopes nearby trees, and I love them all the same. I love my cat and I hate messes. An unmade bed does not entice me; a made bed does. I used to write poetry. 

I used to love nothing more than a notebook. Books took me to new places and elevated my vocabulary. I am introspective to a point of neurotic narcissism.

My friend’s can easily hurt my feelings and easily heal them. My boyfriend is so supportive I mistake his patience for my own. I read a notebook from three years ago and realized I have been focused on my weight for three plus years. That’s unhealthy.

I am normal.

I used to mistake normal for average. But, in perfect timing with my birthday, I am realizing that I can be comfortable with myself. I need not second guess myself, I can not please everyone and I will not please everyone. I learned that my health is important. I learned that my needs and wants count and that does not make me self centered. I learned that wine is sweeter with company and giving people second chances rarely fails you. 

And those are a few of my birthday reflections! I hope the summer evening finds you cool and comfortable.

I wanted to give a quick acknowledgment nod to all you lovely people who recently hit the “follow” button on my blog! I look forward to catching up on reading some of your posts!


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