Date Night in a Jar [My Spin Off]



As promised here’s a break down of how my jar came together:

First, I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I am apt to do these days. I came across date night ideas and followed them to dates in Popsicle stick form in a jar and fell in love. The tutorial I found most helpful came from an ingenious Jennifer over at Life in the Green House. The list Jennifer provided with Date Ideas was fantastically easy, and it took me all of thirty minutes to print off, adapt and put her ideas and mine onto colored Popsicle sticks.

I loved everyone’s ideas for color coding. (Color coding in general has been my best friend since my first agenda in grade one) I ended up using:

Green– Costs Money

Yellow – Sentimental/ Conversation Starters

Orange – Could be Done Inexpensively but Supplies are Needed

Blue – Involved Activity/Was Outdoors

Red – Lazy Stay In Dates for Free

And there you have it! Dates taken care of, no fuss or The Jungle Book-esque :”What do you wanna do? I dunno what do you wanna do?” circular conversations!


I love that this is such an adaptable idea. It could easily be used for a family day idea jar, I would use many of these “date ideas” with friends and family, the jar is so easily gifted to people too! This has obviously changed my life and I am thinking about every possible thing to place in a jar but… it’s such great fun! I am even thinking of doing a conversation starter jar as a House Warming Gift for a friend!

As a last note on this topic, I am going to change the jar label and remove the bow. It has too much of a  pretty/preppy/middle-school-girl-has-only-pink-paper feel to it. Plus, I want to keep a legend on the jar itself!

I hope my inspiration inspires you! If you want a copy of Jennifer’s Date Ideas please take a stroll on over to her lovely blog here! I’m sure you won’t regret it! I know I didn’t!

In personal news, I am going to get my cards read with my boyfriend’s mom tonight and I am looking forward to it! This sounds like such a fun plan! I have maintained a yoga for at least ten minutes a day quota still and my boyfriend’s dog and I are so used to our mile, we might just have to kick it up to a mile and a half tomorrow afternoon! And I’ve recently added what I’m just going to call “Positive Meditation” to my yoga routine. I’ve been so down on myself about a summer job that it’s dragging me down in every aspect of life, and that’s not fair to me!

Take care, enjoy the summer day wherever you might be ❤


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