Rainy Days

imageRainy days make me want to craft, read curled up under a blanket and knit furiously. I have had such a great day with my man today. We slept in late, went to a thrift store and found one another gifts under ten dollars. (I got him a pair of Tennis Rackets… a gift for a date later on 😉 and a cute date at that!) and he got me a ten dollar filing cabinet that makes my happy heart swoon!

The purpose of our thrift store excursion was also to throw together a house warming gift for our friends who have a month old apartment! Pictured above is our current collection of items for them (to which I am likely to add to soon) It is a tray for their coffee table [$10], a decorative box [$1.50] a pair of candles ]$1.99] a set of four coasters that I realized upon getting home is a put-your-own-photos-in kind of set [$2.99] a game of Balderdash [$4.99] and a beautiful tumbler for their scotch [$3.99] !!! I feel like the winner of the game! I sanitized anything I couldn’t put in a bubbly sink and I feel great about this gift for them. It’s things they have mentioned needing/wanting and a few things just for fun.

In other news I have started reading up on career planning with my two new books from Amazon (Yay Internet!) And signed up for a career exploration work shop at a local college. I really am hoping to get that all in order. It would be a great weight off my shoulders.

Also, my Dad was effected by the flooding in Alberta, and I was on the phone with him today when he walked through the mud to his previously evacuated place. I heard the door open and his huge sigh of relief when he said “It’s okay. My place is okay.” and his voice got shaky as he said it was a miracle, and he was so grateful for all those people who helped him.

The Red Cross is taking donations for Calgary and you can find them here at: Red Cross. If you’re interested.

Thousands of people like my Dad were evacuated and displaced from their homes. (Live Update Blog: Here) The City of Calgary is surrounded by water and the flood was extremely damaging. As a student I fully appreciate people being on a tight budget/giving to certain charities! So I am in no way pressuring you to donate. Just supplying the resources and info to do so if you wish!

And that concludes today’s blog post. Hope you all have had an equally fulfilling weekend and something to look forward to for the coming week!



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