Passing Thought

A friend and I were talking the other day about how single-minded our men are. We laughed about how their focus can only rest on one thing at a time. I remember grinning and saying something like “I can’t just sit and do one thing at once, if I’m not doing five things at the same time I’m not happy.” 

And it’s true! I have four browser windows open right now, I have a two page to-do list sitting beside me, I have the TV on and even as I write this blog I am planning my outfit for my friend’s birthday dinner tonight, adding a couple more things to that to do list and deciding how many more minutes I’ll dilly dally before leaving to walk the dog.

My aunt and I were talking with my Grandma when she was out to visit. My aunt had left something to the very last minute and we were caught in the whirlwind that she is as we headed out the door. She put the keys in the ignition and paused for a moment: “I live for stress.” She stated. And she had a point, she and I are very alike in the way that our agendas are always jam-packed, our to do lists are always a mile long, and we are forever (despite our cram-packed calendars) running into last minute things that throw us into lightspeed action. And we LOVE it. We live for it!

And that’s just how I function the happiest. My boyfriend has been known to sit on me to keep me still, or suggest a movie or something to keep me in one place with him. He held my hand in Canadian Tire the other day and told me I’m a “flight risk”, always darting off to peak at some thing or another which inspires more projects and ideas.

How do you function the happiest? Are you a thorough-one-thing-and-then-the-next type of person? Are you a throw-it-all-together-things-will-work-out type of person? Or do you follow my aunt and I’s style? Writing as small as possible to demand the most out of yourself and ending up pushing half that list into the next day because “your days just don’t have enough hours”?

Well on that note, have a lovely day. I have a dog to walk, a list to tackle and an outfit to get into! ❤


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