Yoga For Getting Out of Your Own Way

Lots of videos these days folks! Sorry about that!
I was at work yesterday, and because it was my first shift after my holidays, I found myself irritated everywhere I turned. I understood that it was irrational. I knew I needed to just take a deep breath and let the little things go. But yesterday I really truly struggled with that.
I remembered seeing this Tara Stiles video on Facebook some time ago and figured it would be a good prep video before my shift. And I was right! It was a yoga video specifically designed to challenge my need to hang onto little failures and to simply go “with the ease”. So there we have it. My own Monday Mantra brought to you and me by Tara Stiles.
Give the video a try if you have 10 minutes! It was challenging and fun, and I feel all stretched out and ready to roll with the punches today. ❤


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