Looking Fall in the (Super Scary?) Face.

Well, now that I have fully and completely enjoyed my summer, I am looking at a pretty hectic fall. 

I am going to be flying out west on Saturday, as my grampa was diagnosed with cancer. I never really know how to react to news such as this. I take the necessary “adult” actions, and remain in a state of calm only broken by the crack in my Grandma’s voice over the phone, and the empathy of my manager as I tell him I need time off. My goal, really is to remain out of the middle between my aunt and my stepmom who haven’t talked in two years. And to be helpful and empathetic and patient. 

I have yet to get all my textbooks for class, buy my (overpriced) bus pass or a locker…. the line-ups for all these things will be just atrocious so I am far from excited. I think, in my university career, I am finally at the point where I just want this over with.

My family is so excited to have their “first university graduate” so lord help me if I don’t go through with the ceremony and pomp and circumstance-y stuff! If it were up to me, I would complete my courses and have them mail me my degree certificate so I can move on with life… But that sounds so terribly bitter and un-enthused! Ah well.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with your own exciting or not exciting outlook on this coming fall, because it is approaching quickly!

What things do you leave to the last minute for the season change?

ps. this is not to say that I do not love fall. Fall is my favorite season for all the cliche reasons, as well as the fact that it always felt like a fresh start to me. But I’ll spare you the list of loves of autumn and let you get back to your precious summer days! Take care!


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