After Day One

Well, when I rolled out of bed this morning to my screaming cat, all I wanted to do was hug the pillow and caterpillar cocoon back into the sheets and blankets. It was early. It was cold. And I figured all the tea in the world couldn’t get me through the day. 

I met up with my Bus Buddy before class for a coffee, and then realized one of my really good friends was in my first class! I was instantly thrilled. I simply expect to endure lectures alone, so this was a fantastic surprise! In my enormous spare I managed to buy my bus pass, fill out the waiver and purchase a locker for my gym membership and consume a bit more coffee. I then met up with more friends to eat our packed lunches and then we sauntered off to the Block Party our student association set up for today! We had a beer, and played gigantic Jenga on the lawn. 

My four hour spare had passed before I even knew it! I slipped into my English course and my professor recognized me instantly. There were a total of about twelve of us in the course, so it’s going to be one hell of a class. American Literature before 1914? Bring it all on baby!

So! It only took one cup of tea and two cups of coffee… But I was super excited on my way home from class today. This year will be fantastic! I am even all organized and color coordinated and ready for everything!

Are you back to school? What are some things that get you excited and ready?


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