5 Minute Update

Good Afternoon Folks!

While waiting for my nails to dry I thought I would do a quick blog update.

I don’t know about where you are, but this fall certainly is taking it’s time… I’m not complaining [too much] because the nice sunshine-y days are certainly enjoyable. But I get too psyched about sweaters and boots, hot tea and pumpkin loaf/muffins/pie/coffee/everything and forget that seasons are generally gradual

Anyway, almost full swing into school now. I have an English class that the professor switched into a seminar style class and I could not be more excited! There can’t be more than 12 people in this course, and everyone is prepared and intelligent and the professor is amazing… Gosh. I couldn’t have picked a better course if I was given all the options! Psychology and my Environment course are certainly going to be demanding… I usually squeak by in psych courses with a C+ average… it’s definitely not my strong suite.

I am excited to be in my university’s gym, and my work schedule has not become overwhelming at all. I have begun to fall into bed at night feeling exhausted but productive and for me that is the perfect day.

I hope your fall season is starting off equally pleasantly, and that you are getting outside to enjoy this “Indian Summer”. 

Have a fantastic day!



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