Under the Influence Blog Post

You know. There are a few things that bother me. Some of them include:

– People that don’t wash their hands in public washrooms. I judge them.

– People that come into my workplace and tell me that they aren’t “tiny like I am” and dismiss any and all insecurities I have about my body.

– When the dog chews up my favorite (and NEW) pair of matching underwear in TEAL. TEAL. PEOPLE. The greatest color on the planet right now for accessories, nail polish (with a gold accent nail), cute tops and underwear. Obviously.

– When I am condescended to. I can’t stand that. If you want to instantly get me to a dangerous, murderous level of angry. PLEASE. By ALL MEANS. Condescend me. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU.

– When people think sexism is okay/funny/inherent/acceptable/joke-worthy etc.

Well. This list could go on forever. But. The third glass of wine makes all the squiggly lines appear under my words and I have to go back and fix that because those squiggly lines make my list of things that bug me.

Dear god. It’s a Thursday night. I have class and a graduation adviser appointment tomorrow. I will end my drunken rant here, and wish you all a wonderful and less irritated night! 


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