Writing Letters

I’ve always revered the old fashioned. Ideally I would have been born in the time of hoop skirts, homemaking and one building schools. Growing up, Little House on the Prairie was sheer perfection. And it’s funny how little things have become so “old fashioned”… like writing letters. 

A few times a fellow student will sit down at the table I’m at, and we’ll chat about class and life and work, and they’ll point to the letter I’m writing and say “Homework?” with a raised eye brow. And I laugh and say, “No. I’m writing a letter.” And every time I get something along the lines of “Oh how sweet, I didn’t know anyone did that anymore.”

I love mail! I love opening something, and seeing someone’s handwriting, and knowing that they sat down and wrote however many pages of their life down so that I could read it. It isn’t a 160 character touch base, it isn’t a phone call (that I often don’t have time for, caught between evening shifts or class) but it’s personal, and sweet and maybe a touch old fashioned.

I successfully sent off a Wedding RSVP, two cards for both my Omi and Opi (German for Grandma and Grandpa) and my Grandma, and a full three page letter to my Stepmom. 

My Stepmom is trying. She really is. She mentioned my grandpa (her dad) in every other paragraph of her letter. She said she’s trying to live a bit more like he did, worry less and enjoy the day. I’m proud of her. She and I are a lot alike. We stress over the little, uncontrollable things, and it disrupts us and puts our mood off, ruins a day, taints a memory. I’m glad she’s trying to get rid of it also. I’ve been trying with yoga and deep breaths and personal reminders and the “I’m Grateful For” game. (It’s hard to be frustrated with anything when you’re mentally listing every positive thing in your life you can think of)

It was in writing my mom back that I realized how adult my life sounds. I told her about our couple friends, double dates, my boyfriend and my’s plans about saving for a house, my reading about what career would best suit me…. And I like it. I’m not anxious about it. I like that I’m easing into adulthood. I really have my boyfriend’s mom to thank for that. It would have been a two footed jump into ice-cold reality had a moved into my own apartment after leaving my friend’s home. And I’m well aware of that reality I’ve avoided for the time being (rent, bills, hydro, internet, grocery trips…. jeepers.)

Anyway. I’ve just come back from walking the dog in those crisp multicolored leaves! And I really have some studying to do. So I wish you a very good evening, and some happy mail 😉



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