Passing on Some Good

There’s a man who always stations himself at a prominent intersection in my city.  He works hard every day washing people’s windshields at red lights. 
I had just crossed the street to go catch my bus, and had a few minutes to spare.  As this man jumps down from a large truck,  he is all smiles and wishes them a happy thanksgiving.
Its been a long time since I’ve done something nice for someone, aside from hold a door open… So I walked into my bank and withdrew $20. I walked out of the bank just as the light turned green, and approached him.  “Hey!  Happy Thanksgiving.” and gave him the bill. 
He had a charming grin and said “You don’t say! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!”
Previous to this interaction I had felt tired, a bit sick and a little overwhelmed by my homework list. But afterward? I was the one with a huge grin and I felt a million times lighter and warm.  This man totally deserves a Happy Thanksgiving! He probably worked harder than I did!
And I’m telling you dear readers because I had to share with someone. But Facebook felt too braggy. And that’s not what this is about.  This is about passing on some good. So I hope you have some good passed on to you, and that you pass some good on too!


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