Five Point Update

Hi all. I am always chiding myself for leaving these post so far and few between! I have  a steaming cup of tea beside me and a research paper buzzing at the back of my head. But to get the writing juices flowing I thought I’d do a quick touch base here! How are you? Have you got snow on the ground like my Dad does? Jeepers November came quickly! 

Alright, hold on tight! Here goes nothing!

  • I recently fell in love with Lilly Pulitzer Agendas. Head over heels. My heartbeat speeds up when I look at them. Full blown. LOVE.
  • I am a mere month away from finishing 2/3 of my courses. 
  • I am 2 months away from quitting one of my part time jobs (squee!) and joining a bank that I had a couple interviews with! (As long as all goes well of course.)
  • My boyfriend is coming to the end of his schooling as well, and is a short week or two away from hearing if he was accepted to his career choice! (I am SO proud of my man!)
  • There is a fat grey squirrel running across the front lawn, all through the leaves. And he’s reminding me that I need to enjoy the last fading moments of fall. Because winter (And Christmas) are upon us. I can tell because Starbucks has their red cups out! 😉

Well I hope your November is off to a great start and that you too get to enjoy the last bits of fall before you pull out your mitts and winter sweaters! I think I’ll even do a post about winter-izing after this research paper gets handed in!


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