Christmas Starts in November

I was on the phone with my little brother the other day, talking about Christmas presents. I could almost see him shrug at the other end of the line when I asked if he had anything on his Wishlist yet, and he responded “Why are you even thinking about that already?” I laughed and said something about that’s what being an adult is all about.

And it’s true. I’ve definitely put a lot of time (and lists!) towards Christmas already. I’ve projected how much each gift will cost, ordered in a few that are going to take longer, and have put together a list of what gifts will come from where, and when I should get them. It was all so overwhelming to think about this years presents, and it can get so expensive if I just buy willy-nilly, as prices and last minute presents are all a blur. So this year? I’m being an adult about it!

First, I started thinking and writing down ideas for people a couple weeks ago. Just this afternoon I wrote it all down in a neat little grid. Looks a lot like this:

Name                Gift Idea               Cost             Bought?  Wrapped?   Mailed?


A few days ago I asked my boyfriend if he’d do a Photo Christmas Card with me, and miracle of miracles he said okay. I think it would be really sweet to get his mom in on it, but I have yet to ask her (although she’ll probably read this before I get a chance to ask her! 😉 sneaky….)  I researched which places have the cheapest prices, and if I get a jump on it in the next few weeks, I can get the Who Needs Cards list fulfilled with under $20.

Next, I looked at the gift list (the columns style list I showed above) and grabbed a free-standing notepad (that I can tote around and check off as I go) and copied the items I Need to Purchase list onto a page there. Then I highlighted based on where I needed to go to buy these presents. Because I was lazy I actually just grouped the color coding into: In the Area, Need to Travel to Purchase, and URGENT: Need to Order in from Online.

Now, because I was on a roll, I made a Baking List. I broke down which cookies I was going to who, how many I needed and left space to jot down my ingredients list. This will make it easier in the long run, as it will also serve as my Grocery Shopping list, when I get down to baking time.

So all in all, I’m feelin’ pretty calm about this year’s holiday season. I really can get pretty cynical about the holiday season, retail has definitely sucked my Christmas spirit dry, considering I’ve been in it for 6 years or so. But I should do just fine this year. I’ll let you know.

So how about you? Does the Christmas season overwhelm you? Or are you one of those wonderfully cheery, Deck the Halls as soon as possible kind of folks??? Either way, I hope your holiday season is fun and easy! Maybe you can incorporate some of my list tricks and feel that much more relaxed about it! ❤


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