Cat Sitting

I am actually getting very excited to cat sit the dozen plus cats next week.  Why? Well because I am prepared for it that’s why!! My shopping list for the stay includes:

– Allergy medication

– Dust masks

– Bounce sheets

– Rubber gloves

– Socks I don’t care about… or maybe dollar store slippers?


You see. One cat is vindictive, and strategically pees where you are going to step. The other cats want attention, to fight their neighbor, to get into the rooms they aren’t allowed in, to eat your food, to eat everyone else’s food, to scream at you if you pet the other cat too long… etc. The litter boxes are frightening to maintain and to feed them all at once was something that took me days to master last year. SO.

I feel like I am armed and ready, and granted I sound like a crazy person (let’s just hope they don’t leave Nanny Cameras) as I chat with, swear about and laugh hysterically at the cats… I know it’s going to be terribly entertaining, and makes for just the greatest stories.

How is your November treating you?

My boyfriend finally gave up on growing his excessively creepy mustache for “Movember”. He’s keeping the ‘stache but allowing the beard to come in now (thank god). I can’t believe we are two weeks away from December! Are you panicking yet? I might be panicking.. Haha well enjoy the final weeks of November, before “Christmas Month” hits us all in the face. 😉


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