Ninja Cleaning and Preparing for a Swap Party


Well! Christmas and New Years and Ukrainian Christmas have come and gone. Did you enjoy your holidays? I certainly did, I ate so much good food, and visited with family and friends, and received some very sweet gifts as well! 

Moving on with January, I dropped my final course in preparation for joining that bank I had the interviews with. Things are still up in the air with that, but I am going to be meeting with a manager this week about my career there. While I am moving in the right direction, every molecule in me screams impatience! I really hope that 2014 isn’t another patience testing year…

Yesterday the cleaning bug hit and took down all the Christmas decorations! Wreath, tree, the cute knick knacks, the dinner tables set up, the presents still chilling under the tree… All of it. “It was like Christmas never happened.” I laughed when my boyfriend’s mom said that. It reminded me of how my Stepmom taught me to clean. She said everything should look just the way it was before, but cleaner. I was in charge of the dusting and vacuuming. Once a week. Every Saturday. And every knick knack, decorative arrangement, furniture piece, rug etc. had to be picked up, cleaned under and put back exactly how it was before. Oh my poor pre-teen soul! But I love the routine and cleanliness that woman instilled in me. I “windexed” the bathroom every morning for goodness sake! God but she was a tidy woman…

Anyway, I tidied everything but my boyfriend and my room. So today I am hoping to tackle the two laundry baskets of clean clothes, the presents I haven’t found homes for, the games, chocolates and paper paraphernalia that I threw in a tray on the side of my desk, and then just the general tidiness of the bedroom! If along the way I happen to sort some things off to the side for my friend’s swap party next month… well all the better! 

Have you ever done a Swap Party? I apologize for the lengthiness of today’s post, but I simply can’t leave this post off without explaining the wonder of swap parties!

The Swap Party

The swap party is a collection of everyone’s things they didn’t use, the things buried in the back of their closets. I’m talking the Christmas gifts they wanted to love but couldn’t, the shoes they wore once but never again. The make up that just wasn’t the right shade. The home products that weren’t as useful as they had hoped, the books they won’t ever read again… All of these things, the party goers collect and round up and bring to the hostess’ home. The gracious hostess supplies treats, snacks and perhaps some wine or bubbly, and the swapping begins! It can be done in different ways, but the way my friend taught me was that each participant gets a ticket for every item they brought. They can then use this ticket to pick from the other participants things, and should there be more than one ticket on an item, the item is drawn for. Once everyone is out of tickets, the remaining things are up for grabs, or are sent off as a donation. It’s really a smart idea, and allows people to bring home things that feel new without spending much more than the cost of the wine they brought with them 😉

Well I am off to tidy and sort until my heart’s content! The last thing I’ll say is that I am enjoying the flowers I picked up after work last night: bright yellow daisies. I have a handful in a vase on my desk, and a handful on the coffee table downstairs. If you’re interested in why I’ve brought home daisies (other than the fact that they brighten the room and feel like spring!) I encourage you to check out the January Cure that Apartment Therapy is running again this year. They are simply the best. Take care! And may your January be tidy, bright daisy filled and hold many cups of good tea for you! ❤


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