New Year; New Projects

Well hello my lovely fellow Internet friends. I hope the holidays treated you well.
Now that we are nearly half way through the first month of the new year, I thought I should really check in here, in case anyone was curious what was going on in my corner of the universe.
If you’re one of those curious people, well. I can tell you, I have been busy!
I am taking a break from Facebook and Instagram and Twitter for a bit. It feels nice, to not be constantly bombarded with notifications and have not only real life obligations pulling at me, but virtual ones as well. I also was noticing I used these constantly updated feeds as my sole source of entertainment. I was being lazy and impersonal and overly public (in some cases) in my relationships with people. The break is a great idea. I don’t have any restrictions as to when I can log in or when I can go back to these sites… But the pull is rarely present, and I can see this break lasting a long time.

Now. Back to the busy-ness. Pinterest has been filling my brain these days. And thankfully, my boyfriend’s Mom has given me full reign to test out all of the experimental organization ideas I’m coming across. So I’ve gone to town!
I will note that many of these ideas are simply off the pinterest page, whole others were inspired by someone else’s ideas or adapted based on what I had on hand.


My favorite project was this command centre for my boyfriend’s mom’s Christmas present. I have since shuffled around where the mini crate and the blue containers are on this shelving unit… But this is just a photo to give you the gist of it.
Once on the organizational role I hit up the dollar store and finished a few more projects tonight:

The bathroom cabinet.


Our snacks cupboard.


And the pantry cupboard.

Then I rolled coins, had some gin and truffles and rewarded myself with a bubble bath.
I won’t get into anything else on this post. (I have to have something to talk about next post!)
But I will mention I aim to post more frequently this year! So that’s all for me tonight folks. Hope you are having a wonderful evening of your own. And I’ll chatter on again to ya next week ❤

Ps. I don't know about you… But the cold and flu have been circling around my office non-stop these days. So I doodled this little doodle and thought I'd share!




I was going to do a well thought out post today. Explain that I came home sick from work today. And calmly relay to you how terrible I felt about it. But I think the piece I wrote for my other blog might explain it better for you.

“Feeling  smaller and heavier as the days go by,
Counting minutes of the hour
With shaky hands over paperwork
Forehead against closed fists I try to stay calm.
Deep breaths, and ginger ale.
Finding a pill for sleep, a pill for nausea, a pill for this or that between my fingertips.
With hot cheeks and hot tears I can’t remain calm.
And frustration with myself and the body I don’t control sends me home.
“I can do the day” is my new mantra,
But it tailspins into a backwards version,
And dizzy head and dizzy heart I leave the bathroom.
How do you tell your coworker who says you’re looking down today,
The words stuck beneath your tongue,
Behind that stupid, fragile smile,
That you can barely manage to arrange on your face anymore.
The house still rumbles when the bus goes by,
And the fan still hums in the corner.
He held my ribs together with his arms.
Passed me kleenex and said I can talk if I want to.
I got out two sentences and then focused on breathing.
I’ll just focus on breathing. “

Vacation is Coming


Well you lovely people. I am starting vacation tomorrow morning after two more hours of work. I am excited to have the time, and hopefully the mental energy, to fill you all in on my world and share some things I’ve learned the past few weeks! So do anticipate a blog post, as it is on the top of my vacation to do list 😉

Passing Thought

A friend and I were talking the other day about how single-minded our men are. We laughed about how their focus can only rest on one thing at a time. I remember grinning and saying something like “I can’t just sit and do one thing at once, if I’m not doing five things at the same time I’m not happy.” 

And it’s true! I have four browser windows open right now, I have a two page to-do list sitting beside me, I have the TV on and even as I write this blog I am planning my outfit for my friend’s birthday dinner tonight, adding a couple more things to that to do list and deciding how many more minutes I’ll dilly dally before leaving to walk the dog.

My aunt and I were talking with my Grandma when she was out to visit. My aunt had left something to the very last minute and we were caught in the whirlwind that she is as we headed out the door. She put the keys in the ignition and paused for a moment: “I live for stress.” She stated. And she had a point, she and I are very alike in the way that our agendas are always jam-packed, our to do lists are always a mile long, and we are forever (despite our cram-packed calendars) running into last minute things that throw us into lightspeed action. And we LOVE it. We live for it!

And that’s just how I function the happiest. My boyfriend has been known to sit on me to keep me still, or suggest a movie or something to keep me in one place with him. He held my hand in Canadian Tire the other day and told me I’m a “flight risk”, always darting off to peak at some thing or another which inspires more projects and ideas.

How do you function the happiest? Are you a thorough-one-thing-and-then-the-next type of person? Are you a throw-it-all-together-things-will-work-out type of person? Or do you follow my aunt and I’s style? Writing as small as possible to demand the most out of yourself and ending up pushing half that list into the next day because “your days just don’t have enough hours”?

Well on that note, have a lovely day. I have a dog to walk, a list to tackle and an outfit to get into! ❤

Things About Me.

I love self help books. I focus more on the future than on the present. I can go from calm to stressed about every aspect of my life in a breath. I am overly analytic, easily guilt tripped and I love my family. I love the family that has grown and includes people who are family in a different sense than relatives. My family tree envelopes nearby trees, and I love them all the same. I love my cat and I hate messes. An unmade bed does not entice me; a made bed does. I used to write poetry. 

I used to love nothing more than a notebook. Books took me to new places and elevated my vocabulary. I am introspective to a point of neurotic narcissism.

My friend’s can easily hurt my feelings and easily heal them. My boyfriend is so supportive I mistake his patience for my own. I read a notebook from three years ago and realized I have been focused on my weight for three plus years. That’s unhealthy.

I am normal.

I used to mistake normal for average. But, in perfect timing with my birthday, I am realizing that I can be comfortable with myself. I need not second guess myself, I can not please everyone and I will not please everyone. I learned that my health is important. I learned that my needs and wants count and that does not make me self centered. I learned that wine is sweeter with company and giving people second chances rarely fails you. 

And those are a few of my birthday reflections! I hope the summer evening finds you cool and comfortable.

I wanted to give a quick acknowledgment nod to all you lovely people who recently hit the “follow” button on my blog! I look forward to catching up on reading some of your posts!

I Have Good News [Followed by a Minor Panic Attack!]

I have come to the conclusion, after a conversation with one of my best friends, that yoga has indeed brought me to a calmer place. I feel internally more peaceful, less bothered by little things and excited to start each new yoga video.

That doesn’t make the slow days and no news from any potential employers any easier. In fact I think I’m going a bit stir crazy. Filling out job profiles on government sites, job search engines and applying directly on companies web pages… I am going to go mad!

But in other news, I am successfully off the coffee band wagon, I am enjoying healthy foods (even craving them!) I’ve taken a multivitamin and extra vitamin D, B6 &B12 daily, and have done yoga and/or taken the dog for a mile walk for the past couple weeks.

So all around, this “break” from full time work is giving me some wonderful time to spend on my health and on myself! There’s the positivity, and I will leave it at that. I won’t even add a “but…” at the end of that!

Well readers, any tips for a student going crazy trying to find work?