Rainy Days

imageRainy days make me want to craft, read curled up under a blanket and knit furiously. I have had such a great day with my man today. We slept in late, went to a thrift store and found one another gifts under ten dollars. (I got him a pair of Tennis Rackets… a gift for a date later on ūüėČ and a cute date at that!) and he got me a ten dollar filing cabinet that makes my happy heart swoon!

The purpose of our thrift store excursion was also to throw together a house warming gift for our friends who have a month old apartment! Pictured above is our current collection of items for them (to which I am likely to add to soon) It is a tray for their coffee table [$10], a decorative box [$1.50] a pair of candles ]$1.99] a set of four coasters that I realized upon getting home is a put-your-own-photos-in kind of set [$2.99] a game of Balderdash [$4.99] and a beautiful tumbler for their scotch [$3.99] !!! I feel like the winner of the game! I sanitized anything I couldn’t put in a bubbly sink and I feel great about this gift for them. It’s things they have mentioned needing/wanting and a few things just for fun.

In other news I have started reading up on career planning with my two new books from Amazon (Yay Internet!) And signed up for a career exploration work shop at a local college. I really am hoping to get that all in order. It would be a great weight off my shoulders.

Also, my Dad was effected by the flooding in Alberta, and I was on the phone with him today when he walked through the mud to his previously evacuated place. I heard the door open and his huge sigh of relief when he said “It’s okay. My place is okay.” and his voice got shaky as he said it was a miracle, and he was so grateful for all those people who helped him.

The Red Cross is taking donations for Calgary and you can find them here at:¬†Red Cross. If you’re interested.

Thousands of people like my Dad were evacuated and displaced from their homes. (Live Update Blog: Here) The City of Calgary is surrounded by water and the flood was extremely damaging. As a student I fully appreciate people being on a tight budget/giving to certain charities! So I am in no way pressuring you to donate. Just supplying the resources and info to do so if you wish!

And that concludes today’s blog post. Hope you all have had an equally fulfilling weekend and something to look forward to for the coming week!



Date Night in a Jar [My Spin Off]



As promised here’s a break down of how my jar came together:

First, I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I am apt to do these days. I came across date night ideas and followed them to dates in Popsicle stick form in a jar and fell in love. The tutorial I found most helpful came from an ingenious Jennifer over at Life in the Green House. The list Jennifer provided with Date Ideas was fantastically easy, and it took me all of thirty minutes to print off, adapt and put her ideas and mine onto colored Popsicle sticks.

I loved everyone’s ideas for color coding. (Color coding in general has been my best friend since my first agenda in grade one) I ended up using:

Green– Costs Money

Yellow – Sentimental/ Conversation Starters

Orange – Could be Done Inexpensively but Supplies are Needed

Blue – Involved Activity/Was Outdoors

Red – Lazy Stay In Dates for Free

And there you have it! Dates taken care of, no fuss or The Jungle Book-esque :”What do you wanna do? I dunno what do you wanna do?” circular conversations!


I love that this is such an adaptable idea. It could easily be used for a family day idea jar, I would use many of these “date ideas” with friends and family, the jar is so easily gifted to people too! This has obviously changed my life and I am thinking about every possible thing to place in a jar but… it’s such great fun! I am even thinking of doing a conversation starter jar as a House Warming Gift for a friend!

As a last note on this topic, I am going to change the jar label and remove the bow. It has too much of a  pretty/preppy/middle-school-girl-has-only-pink-paper feel to it. Plus, I want to keep a legend on the jar itself!

I hope my inspiration inspires you! If you want a copy of Jennifer’s Date Ideas please take a stroll on over to her lovely blog here! I’m sure you won’t regret it! I know I didn’t!

In personal news, I am going to get my cards read with my boyfriend’s mom tonight and I am looking forward to it! This sounds like such a fun plan! I have maintained a yoga for at least ten minutes a day quota still and my boyfriend’s dog and I are so used to our mile, we might just have to kick it up to a mile and a half tomorrow afternoon! And I’ve recently added what I’m just going to call “Positive Meditation” to my yoga routine. I’ve been so down on myself about a summer job that it’s dragging me down in every aspect of life, and that’s not fair to me!

Take care, enjoy the summer day wherever you might be ‚̧

Successful First Batch of Date Sticks!


You guessed it! What logically comes after the gifts in a jar? Dates in a jar! These color coded dates were inspired by so many bloggers! I’ll be posting a detailed description of the dates in a jar and mention who inspired me so you can go look up their fabulous ideas also! Oh color coding just warms my heart!

Things About Me.

I love self help books. I focus more on the future than on the present. I can go from calm to stressed about every aspect of my life in a breath. I am overly analytic, easily guilt tripped and I love my family. I love the family that has grown and includes people who are family in a different sense than relatives. My family tree envelopes nearby trees, and I love them all the same. I love my cat and I hate messes. An unmade bed does not entice me; a made bed does. I used to write poetry. 

I used to love nothing more than a notebook. Books took me to new places and elevated my vocabulary. I am introspective to a point of neurotic narcissism.

My friend’s can easily hurt my feelings and easily heal them. My boyfriend is so supportive I mistake his patience for my own. I read a notebook from three years ago and realized I have been¬†focused¬†on my weight for three plus years. That’s unhealthy.

I am normal.

I used to mistake normal for average. But, in perfect timing with my birthday, I am realizing that I can be comfortable with myself. I need not second guess myself, I can not please everyone and I will not please everyone. I learned that my health is important. I learned that my needs and wants count and that does not make me self centered. I learned that wine is sweeter with company and giving people second chances rarely fails you. 

And those are a few of my birthday reflections! I hope the summer evening finds you cool and comfortable.

I wanted to give a quick acknowledgment nod to all you lovely people who recently hit the “follow” button on my blog! I look forward to catching up on reading some of your posts!

Jar Gifts

I’ve seen them all over Pinterest¬†and everyone has a tutorial for them. (Like J’ai La Vie‘s blog!!!) Jar gifts! I have made two of them so far. One for my friend who’s been feelin’ pretty down lately, and I just finished the one for my boyfriend tonight: a love in a jar!

Here’s what I did!

Happiness in a Jar: 

Nailpolish in her favorite color ($3)

Skittles ($1)

List of Youtube videos that make me laugh ($0)

Vanilla Candle ($0.33)

Mini Stuffed Moose ($5)

Total: (about $9.33)

I had to tie a ribbon around the moose and the jar because the moose was too big. But after stuffing it all in a jar half the size of a mason jar and cut out a circle to put under lid as a label. She loved it! Mostly because the Moose is her collectible item… but I was happy that it cheered her up!

My ¬†boyfriend is so difficult to buy for! I love getting him presents though! His jar ended up having a theme… making it either really corny or special!?

Love in a Jar:

Chocolate Kisses ¬† ¬†¬†“because I love to shower you in kisses” ¬† ¬† $1.25

Whoopie Cushion ¬† ¬†“because you always make me laugh” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† $2.00

Swedish Berries ¬† ¬† “they’re you’re favorite & you’re mine!” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† $1.00

Hockey Pez Dispenser ¬†“because you’re my Stanley cup” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† $1.00

Spiderman Bandaids ¬† “because you bring out the inner child for better or worse” $1.25

Date Coupons ¬† ¬†“because you’re the best date!” ¬† ¬† ¬†$0.00

** Date Coupons were easy breezy because Oopsy Daisy has a free printable! I just added my own ideas on the backs of hers!

Total $6.50

For him I put the label on the front of the jar:

“Love in a Jar

I love you because…”¬†

The possibilities are endless! And I love lists, and there’s something satisfying about squeezing in as many things as you can into a jar!

Aside from that, growing up, doing something for other people always cheered me up. So these little projects were a great pick me up ūüôā And because I’ve been feeling low lately, I am trying a bunch of cheer up techniques: “Happy Yoga“, trying new recipes, taking the dog for long sunny walks, putting together these jars, listening to happy music and watching laugh out loud movies.

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

What would you put in a jar?

Very little room left in there!
Very little room left in there!


My cat has been “sick” for four days. She had a surgery to rid her of internal bleeding and then was hospitalized for a few nights and then treated for a cat blood disorder.

I am beyond stressed, beyond cigarettes; beyond sleepless.

I am in that fuzzy grey area between not caring and caring so much it aches.

She has spent the day on my lap, we sat by the window, and slept on the bed. And ?I raced through frivolous human activities like eating and showering so I could curl up by the window with her again.

She purrs and sleeps, and fights me to take the cone off her head.  She groomed herself today and I nearly cried to see her doing a normal activity.

I hope the blood results tonight are improved. I want my baby back to normal.

Popped Out of the Woodwork.

The broken family image always disturbed me, I fought it off for all I was worth. ¬†I called my stepmom “Mom” and let very few people know that I had last seen my birth mother when I was six. I just didn’t want that associated with me, you get the pity, the tsk’s and the “Wow I never knew your life was like that.”

I try to ensure it’s not denial. ¬†I mean, I might fail sometimes on that front, but for the most part, I live for the future. ¬†The future is mine, it’s control-able, and if I play my cards right, it is un-associated with the past.

So my real mom added me on Facebook.

She’s pretty. She has two other children. She got married this August. ¬†She was born in the same month as me.

And I resent the fuck out of her. ¬†How is it, that I know more about her from her Facebook page, before I even click the “Ignore” or “Confirm” button on her friendship request?

And I have a paper to write, and my friend’s dad just went to the hospital, and my work day was from hell, and there are too many cats to feed, and I just want a glass of wine and a cigarette.

So what do I do? What do I do, so that I am calm, at peace with myself and choosing what is right for me? Is curiosity enough to hit the accept button? Am I sure enough of my level of assertive abilities?

And you know what? I think she was flirting with my Dad. And her husband’s in jail. I can’t keep a level head these days. I’ve had enough. ¬†Just when I think I’ve taken all the insanity I can take, the world figures I should take a deep breath… and handle some more.

End rant. Hope your evening is more peaceful.