Cat Therapy, Specialists and Day to Day Drama

I know, I know. This update is long overdue. I can’t even remember what I last posted about! I would promise to update more often, but really… let’s not get too serious ūüėČ

So I have been nauseous for about three or four months constantly. I was absolutely certain that it was a gluten intolerance, however my test results came back normal for gluten sensitivity. I was both surprised and extremely frustrated. I have gone to a walk in, went to the hospital (because along with the nausea was a sharp on and off abdominal pain.) and went to see my doctor. I was tested by all of the above for pregnancy (and great news, no babies!) and they all chalked it up to a flu or a virus. About three weeks ago I was a scary level of sick all night, I went to the hospital in the wee hours for an IV, and was given a medication for the nausea. Ever heard of Maxeran? I found out the day after that I am the rare percent that is allergic to it. I had muscle spasms in my face and neck. I felt silly going to the emergency on a Sunday because “my neck felt like it was pulling my head up”, but I am glad I went. I quickly went from feeling funny, to experiencing face muscle spasms and my jaw becoming unaligned and let me tell you… if you ever have a reaction anything like this, seek medical attention immediately. I am fully recovered from that escapade, but still am puzzled by the nausea. There’s many options, and I am being referred to a specialist to get to the bottom of this. In the mean time, I roll with the punches. Some days I’m fine, and some days I spend most of the day in the bathroom.

In other news, my cat also had some doctor face time at her vet appointment the other day. The poor thing hates the kennel and the vet alike, because of last year when she was really sick. She had a clean bill of health, and isn’t even overweight. She still loves me too, I am happy to report!


And… I’ll save the family drama for another post I think. It’s simply draining to keep up with this group of strangers that expect me to jump into roles with them. I feel like I’m playing a dangerous high-school-clique-land-mine-field. I can’t even think about their latest insanity these days. I just get overwhelmed and frustrated. God knows I am overwhelmed and frustrated with enough things these days!

I do hope your days are less overwhelming and frustrating. I do look forward to typing up a few more posts in the near future. I forget how therapeutic it is to arrange all the day to day craziness and post it to lovely strangers and friends like yourselves! ūüėČ




Take care.



My cat has been “sick” for four days. She had a surgery to rid her of internal bleeding and then was hospitalized for a few nights and then treated for a cat blood disorder.

I am beyond stressed, beyond cigarettes; beyond sleepless.

I am in that fuzzy grey area between not caring and caring so much it aches.

She has spent the day on my lap, we sat by the window, and slept on the bed. And ?I raced through frivolous human activities like eating and showering so I could curl up by the window with her again.

She purrs and sleeps, and fights me to take the cone off her head.  She groomed herself today and I nearly cried to see her doing a normal activity.

I hope the blood results tonight are improved. I want my baby back to normal.

Missing In Action

I am a firm believer in quarter life crisis. ¬†More than ever, the present day is the time when twenty year old’s are expected to be part way finished a degree, or graduating. ¬†There is the expectation that you go to post secondary school, regardless of whether funds are available or not.

There is an overwhelming pressure of the over performers ahead of you. ¬†You know the ones I mean. ¬†The students that go to class full time, volunteer, and juggle that with two jobs and maintaining a charming personality. ¬†That last part is important. ¬†When I went to school part time and had two jobs and didn’t volunteer, I spiraled into the biggest grump I have ever seen myself become.

As far as updates in my life go.  I am dealing with a quarter life crisis, I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow, I FINALLY passed my road test!  My cat is still loud as ever, and tried to do an aerobics work out with me today.  I am nearing the time of final exams and projects, and have a house sitting job coming up at the end of the month.

I was going to do a post about Saying No. ¬†But I don’t have the time, I’m sorry folks! ¬†Hopefully I can get that post typed up by the weekend.

Instead I am going to post a great Ellen video and wish you all a good week.  Keep your prayers on New York, and your agenda books organized!


Quitting Never Felt so Good

I have a measly two shifts left at my retail job. ¬†My goodness and did the drama explode there. ¬†I love all of my co-workers except one, and this one… Ooh boy, she gets my blood boiling.

So much so, that I and a couple other employees need to call her in to Human Resources. Not maliciously, and not for lack of reasons. ¬†This woman is blindly and selfishly ambitious, two faced, and in serious need of an attitude adjustment. ¬†Not to be dishonest, I have been rather two faced with her too. Choosing to play nice or play dumb, just to get through the past few months. ¬†Working with this woman has really set me up with some stress and anger. ¬†Between her and the stress and guilt I was slugging through with my best friend…. Well let’s just say I was a ball of tension and pent up angry words.

What are the easiest ways to deal with aggravating employees?

Do you confront them?  Do you talk to the manager?  Do you meet them outside of work, or sometime at work?

Our manager was approached with the situation, and being the merciful and kindhearted man that he is, he said we should work it out¬†among¬†ourselves. ¬†Nothing came of it…

So. ¬†I am off to try my skills with Nannying! ¬†I am to meet the children of my Aunt and Uncle’s neighbor at 11 am tomorrow. I am very excited, though it’s been years since I have babysat, being with children always gets my game ideas and story telling plans rolling. ¬†There are three children all under the age of five. ¬†*deep breath* ¬†It will be a new challenge.

Well, just picture three children hanging around that stroller and it’s accurate.



On another note, my cat was hidden in the walls of the basement for what I think is safe to assume was 12 hours plus. ¬†I finally eeked her out with some¬†tantalizing¬†sounding crunchies. ¬†She is now begging for my attention and clawing the back of my chair. ¬†After an hour and a half of studying, she’s deeming it bed time. ¬†Good night folks, may your cats never hide in your basement walls, and your co-workers be every cheery.