Well! It’s official! My boyfriend and I walked the dog down to 7-11 this morning and couldn’t feel our legs or faces when we got home.
So it was time. After my boyfriend left for the gun range with his buddy, I pulled out the winter clothes from our under the bed storage. I went through the closet. And pulled out all the summer dresses, short sleeve dress shirts, summer skirts and pants and put them in the under the bed storage boxes. 
Next I pulled out all the sweaters and winter pants and shirts. I hung everything up in order of left to right:
Dress pants, skirts, work tops, blouses, dress shirts, light sweaters/cardigans, heavy sweaters, dresses, blazers and the beloved Hockey Jersies. Like so:


I tidied up the shelves underneath next. Pulling out summer items as I went. Upon realizing I had fewer hangers than I thought, I folded my heavier sweaters and put them on a shelf. I keep scarves, hats and mitts in the red bag. And then I resorted my clothing boxes like so:


Then I reorganized all my dresser drawers… And was excited to find that I have enough work out clothes to dedicate a drawer to!!! Well. Half a drawer. But still. I was happy. And lastly was the shoving of the summer clothes under the bed and the refolding of my boyfriend’s drawers. He doesn’t care what his drawers look like, but every once and a while when he can no longer close them at all… I redo all his t-shirts.


And he has a lot of t-shirts. Three out of four of those drawers are mostly t-shirts.

And there we have it! We are officially winterized. The sun is out this afternoon, but I’m not falling for it. I think I’ll get some yoga and a shower in before the boyfriend and I get ready for Thor tonight!

Hope your long weekend is fantastic & as productive or relaxing as you wish it to be!