New Year; New Projects

Well hello my lovely fellow Internet friends. I hope the holidays treated you well.
Now that we are nearly half way through the first month of the new year, I thought I should really check in here, in case anyone was curious what was going on in my corner of the universe.
If you’re one of those curious people, well. I can tell you, I have been busy!
I am taking a break from Facebook and Instagram and Twitter for a bit. It feels nice, to not be constantly bombarded with notifications and have not only real life obligations pulling at me, but virtual ones as well. I also was noticing I used these constantly updated feeds as my sole source of entertainment. I was being lazy and impersonal and overly public (in some cases) in my relationships with people. The break is a great idea. I don’t have any restrictions as to when I can log in or when I can go back to these sites… But the pull is rarely present, and I can see this break lasting a long time.

Now. Back to the busy-ness. Pinterest has been filling my brain these days. And thankfully, my boyfriend’s Mom has given me full reign to test out all of the experimental organization ideas I’m coming across. So I’ve gone to town!
I will note that many of these ideas are simply off the pinterest page, whole others were inspired by someone else’s ideas or adapted based on what I had on hand.


My favorite project was this command centre for my boyfriend’s mom’s Christmas present. I have since shuffled around where the mini crate and the blue containers are on this shelving unit… But this is just a photo to give you the gist of it.
Once on the organizational role I hit up the dollar store and finished a few more projects tonight:

The bathroom cabinet.


Our snacks cupboard.


And the pantry cupboard.

Then I rolled coins, had some gin and truffles and rewarded myself with a bubble bath.
I won’t get into anything else on this post. (I have to have something to talk about next post!)
But I will mention I aim to post more frequently this year! So that’s all for me tonight folks. Hope you are having a wonderful evening of your own. And I’ll chatter on again to ya next week ❤

Ps. I don't know about you… But the cold and flu have been circling around my office non-stop these days. So I doodled this little doodle and thought I'd share!