Well! It’s official! My boyfriend and I walked the dog down to 7-11 this morning and couldn’t feel our legs or faces when we got home.
So it was time. After my boyfriend left for the gun range with his buddy, I pulled out the winter clothes from our under the bed storage. I went through the closet. And pulled out all the summer dresses, short sleeve dress shirts, summer skirts and pants and put them in the under the bed storage boxes. 
Next I pulled out all the sweaters and winter pants and shirts. I hung everything up in order of left to right:
Dress pants, skirts, work tops, blouses, dress shirts, light sweaters/cardigans, heavy sweaters, dresses, blazers and the beloved Hockey Jersies. Like so:


I tidied up the shelves underneath next. Pulling out summer items as I went. Upon realizing I had fewer hangers than I thought, I folded my heavier sweaters and put them on a shelf. I keep scarves, hats and mitts in the red bag. And then I resorted my clothing boxes like so:


Then I reorganized all my dresser drawers… And was excited to find that I have enough work out clothes to dedicate a drawer to!!! Well. Half a drawer. But still. I was happy. And lastly was the shoving of the summer clothes under the bed and the refolding of my boyfriend’s drawers. He doesn’t care what his drawers look like, but every once and a while when he can no longer close them at all… I redo all his t-shirts.


And he has a lot of t-shirts. Three out of four of those drawers are mostly t-shirts.

And there we have it! We are officially winterized. The sun is out this afternoon, but I’m not falling for it. I think I’ll get some yoga and a shower in before the boyfriend and I get ready for Thor tonight!

Hope your long weekend is fantastic & as productive or relaxing as you wish it to be!


How to Travel Alone [in Sad Situations]

There are many different kinds of travelers: the vacationers, the family trips, the business trips and sometimes people (like me, today) are traveling  due to family emergency. I have never travelled for any other reason than a positive one, but this trip to see my grandpa has made me aware of all the reasons behind people’s travelling.
I have a three hour layover today. So I decided to write a quick how to post to keep me occupied.

First. When traveling via plane: bring gum. It can help “pop” your ears  as well as keep your breath from offending people. Pick mint flavor (unless you hate minti suppose) as it may keep your stomach settled.

Second. In case of a long layover bring a favorite pick-me-up movie to keep you smiling and engaged in something.

Third. Get coffee and food and sit in the sun. Surround yourself with strangers.

Fourth . Remember strangers can be annoying. Pack headphones. Listen to happy music you could sing along to. 

Fifth. This is very important. Do not think deeply on any subject. Be calm and objective, resting on thoughts for only moments. Notice your surroundings; be as curious as a five year old: wonder how things work. (Bonus points for googling it and finding out how it works)

Sixth. When you reach your destination. Hug your family tightly. Accept sadness. Accept every feeling no matter the sense of them. Support and lean on those around you. No matter how tempting, do not disengage. Continue to live in the now. Above all, love your family and keep in touch with them. Even if you “just don’t feel like calling today”. Do it anyway.

Date Night in a Jar [My Spin Off]



As promised here’s a break down of how my jar came together:

First, I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I am apt to do these days. I came across date night ideas and followed them to dates in Popsicle stick form in a jar and fell in love. The tutorial I found most helpful came from an ingenious Jennifer over at Life in the Green House. The list Jennifer provided with Date Ideas was fantastically easy, and it took me all of thirty minutes to print off, adapt and put her ideas and mine onto colored Popsicle sticks.

I loved everyone’s ideas for color coding. (Color coding in general has been my best friend since my first agenda in grade one) I ended up using:

Green– Costs Money

Yellow – Sentimental/ Conversation Starters

Orange – Could be Done Inexpensively but Supplies are Needed

Blue – Involved Activity/Was Outdoors

Red – Lazy Stay In Dates for Free

And there you have it! Dates taken care of, no fuss or The Jungle Book-esque :”What do you wanna do? I dunno what do you wanna do?” circular conversations!


I love that this is such an adaptable idea. It could easily be used for a family day idea jar, I would use many of these “date ideas” with friends and family, the jar is so easily gifted to people too! This has obviously changed my life and I am thinking about every possible thing to place in a jar but… it’s such great fun! I am even thinking of doing a conversation starter jar as a House Warming Gift for a friend!

As a last note on this topic, I am going to change the jar label and remove the bow. It has too much of a  pretty/preppy/middle-school-girl-has-only-pink-paper feel to it. Plus, I want to keep a legend on the jar itself!

I hope my inspiration inspires you! If you want a copy of Jennifer’s Date Ideas please take a stroll on over to her lovely blog here! I’m sure you won’t regret it! I know I didn’t!

In personal news, I am going to get my cards read with my boyfriend’s mom tonight and I am looking forward to it! This sounds like such a fun plan! I have maintained a yoga for at least ten minutes a day quota still and my boyfriend’s dog and I are so used to our mile, we might just have to kick it up to a mile and a half tomorrow afternoon! And I’ve recently added what I’m just going to call “Positive Meditation” to my yoga routine. I’ve been so down on myself about a summer job that it’s dragging me down in every aspect of life, and that’s not fair to me!

Take care, enjoy the summer day wherever you might be ❤